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Roofcare Approach



We offer a distinct approach to the industry, which focuses on cost-efficient and sustainable alternatives to roof replacement. In other words, we help our customers manage their roofs more effectively through maintenance and repair services. However, if we find that roof replacement is absolutely necessary, we can provide that service as well. The RoofCARE process starts with the initial meeting with the client, where we gather information, conduct a thorough inspection and perform other diagnostics. This allows us to evaluate the true condition of the roof and determine what services are necessary to bring it back up to par. This crucial first step is often overlooked by many roofing contractors, who typically recommend roof replacement as a default solution.

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Our Mission

RoofCARE serves its clients by protecting interior assets, extending the life of the roofing investment and relieving the anxiety commonly associated with roofing.

Our Philosophy

It's estimated that 80% of roofs replaced in the US today do not need to be. With proper maintenance and repairs, most of these roofs can deliver many additional years of reliable performance. These statements represent the backbone of our philosophy; Just because a roof looks bad or leaks doesn’t mean it should be torn off and thrown away.

Our Clients

Roofcare serves the Educational, Commercial, Local and Federal Government, Medical and Industrial Markets. Roofcare has excellent experience in the education sector. In fact, we specialize in working with schools, which account for over 60% of our business. We adhere to school-specific protocol, have preferred procurement contracts and are proud to have over 7 million square feet of school roofs under contract


Safety is of critical importance at Roofcare. Below are some of the highlights and featured elements of our Safety Program. 

Roofcare Safety

Roofcare Safety First Program

Excellent Safety Record
   - E-Mod Rate = .84

Safety First Program
   - Provided by Builders Trust of NM

Utilize Site-Specific Safety Plans

Regular training and "Toolbox Talks"

All Project Supervisors & Techs hold at least OSHA 10

All Project Managers hold OSHA 30

Roofcare is OSHA Certified

Contact Information

Corporate / ABQ Office:
14810 Central Ave SE
Albuquerque, NM 87123

phone: 505-246-6960
toll free: 888-336-3037
fax: 505-243-9987
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