Why RoofCARE?

Ever had to deal with a roof leak?

What did you do?

Call the first roofer in the book?

Which was more painful, the leak or the roofer?

Of course, the damage caused by the leak is much worse, but often times, dealing with the typical roofer is so riddled with difficulty that it feels like a “damned if you do / damned if you don’t” situation.

I bet you can remember every negative experience you’ve had with a roofing contractor. From unprofessional crews that seem to work on their own schedule, to far-fetched promises of forever lasting roofs, there’s no shortage of reasons to not trust roofing contractors.

At RoofCARE, integrity is our DNA.

Starting from the initial business plan, we consciously sought out to build something unique to the roofing industry; addressing every possible point of negativity head-on. Through years of experience, we were able to determine where the average roofer was missing the mark and identify the best approach to avoid the same pitfalls.

While the standard solution for most contractors has sadly become simply tearing off and installing a new roof, our goal is to maintain the life of your current investment as long as possible, through highly-skilled maintenance, repairs and renovation services. We are the ones to call when no one else can find or fix a leak.

We took the typical industry weaknesses and made them our strengths. We focus on delivering a professional, refreshing experience that not only takes care of the all-important roof, but also keeps the customer informed, involved and most of all satisfied.

Our quality of work is second to none, with a 95% customer satisfaction rate, less than 1% change order rate and an unbelievably-low 1.3% rate of rework.

This is just an introduction to RoofCARE. You can expect us to continue providing industry-relevant news, customer-directed advice and of course, the occasional company update.

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