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No-Obligation Roof Inspections

Roofing Inspections

Although commercial roofing systems may not have the glitz and glamour of a newly renovated lobby, they are necessary and expensive investments designed to last for years when properly cared for. Roof inspections are an integral part of this process and should be deemed essential by a building owner who takes pride in their business. We know this because we take pride in ours, which is one of the reasons RoofCARE offers two commercial roofing inspection packages.

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Catch Small Issues Before They Get Bigger
Commercial Roof Inspection

While some business owners think of a regular roof inspection as a service they do not require, it is a practice they should adopt without hesitation. Committing to regular roof inspections can save building owners time, money, and headaches by being proactive rather than reactive with addressing problems.

It is common for business owners to seek out a roof inspection if one of the following is true:

  • A leak is spotted in the interior ceiling of a building
  • Extreme weather is expected or has just passed through
  • A tree or foreign object has fallen on the roof
  • The roof has significantly aged and become less reliable

However, some less obvious reasons that roof inspections are a good idea can include:

  • The roof may have exterior damage not visible from the ground level or the interior of the building. While it is a bonus that roof damage isn’t yet noticeable, it does not mean it is not already causing damage. Even a small leak can give way to a large growth of black mold over time, which could make people inside the building sick before you ever see the mold.
  • Seasonal storms such as monsoons can bring heavy rains that could create additional weight on a roof without proper drainage. Whether it is birds’ nests, leaves, or another type of debris, the accumulation of it can keep water from draining properly. The extra weight on the roof could cause it to buckle or crack, which can then create interior water damage.
  • Warping of the roof can occur and only be visible from the roof. This can include open roof seams, or bubbles and bumps that appear on its surface. Each of these issues may be a sign that roof repairs need to be made to avoid a much larger and more expensive problem long term.

Roofs are not designed to last forever. At some point during a roof’s life, it will develop issues that require repair and/or renovation. The decision a business owner must make is if they prefer to get ahead of an issue with a small correction or let it go until it becomes an emergency issue and costs a more exorbitant price.

How to Manage What You Can’t See
Roof Inspections Benefit Your Budget

It is said that you cannot manage what you do not know, and at RoofCARE, we firmly believe in this sentiment, which is one of the reasons we offer commercial roof inspections. Being able to understand the condition of your roof, its lifetime, and how it will affect your daily tasks is important. Roof inspections assist with planning, budgeting and making decisions for needed roof repairs or roofing services, instead of having your hand forced reactively due to severe roof damage.

During an inspection, our expert inspectors are trained to locate roof leaks and defects, determine what roofing services, if any, are needed, and provide a thorough written analysis of your roof. This procedure helps determine the true condition of a roof and can be helpful in establishing a proactive action plan to budget documented issues and concerns.

What Makes Our Inspections Better?
Roofing Inspection Process

Our roof inspection process involves a thorough review of existing conditions, available engineering options, and expectations. Using technological analysis, a deep understanding of commercial roofs, and modern inspection techniques, we can more clearly pinpoint defective areas and understand what needs to be done to resolve them.

When it comes to roof inspections, we rely on three primary moisture detection technologies including:

Core Samples

Core Sample Assessments

Core samples are small portions of the roof that can be representative of the entire roofing system. By evaluating these samples, it can yield critical information regarding the roofing system’s tensile strength, moisture content and physical properties. In some cases, an independent lab is utilized to help further analyze any particular areas of concern. These core sample assessments help determine what options are available for that specific roofing type and condition.

Infrared Thermography

Infrared Scans

We utilize Infrared Thermography to identify the moisture content in a roofing system. Trapped moisture in a roof system is not a good sign, but not addressing it could potentially be catastrophic, especially if a structure requires a roof overlay, retro fit, or roof renovation.

Tramex Moisture Scanners


Leaks in a commercial roofing system can be hard to trace, particularly in those that lie flat or have a low slope. To help circumvent this issue, our roofing company uses Tramex Moisture Scanners to find the source of a leak quickly and accurately.

We understand that each building is unique, which is why RoofCARE offers two different inspection plans.

Free Roof Inspection

This risk-free inspection includes a general inspection with a special emphasis on leaks.

TRUE Roof Survey

This more comprehensive inspection plan typically includes the same offerings of the free inspection plus specific information regarding roof type, dimensions, age, features, interior layers, as well as a detailed report, location of a leak source, identification of conditions and defects, and needed corrective measures, recommendations, budget suggestions, a 5-year roof management plan, and a detailed summary spreadsheet.

Choose the Experts
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Our goal is to help clients preserve their roofs via cost-efficient and sustainable alternatives as long as possible, with a full roof replacement being a last resort. We are a professional, full-service roofing company that also offers additional services such as:

Protect what you have built and invest in its present and future by scheduling regular roof inspections for your commercial building today.