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Extend the Lifetime of Your Roof With Regular Maintenance

RoofCare on Monday, Dec. 4, 2023 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. (Photo by Michael Ciaglo)

Don’t Let Small Problems Cause Big Problems
Importance of Regular Maintenance

Roof maintenance is often out of sight and out of mind for many commercial building owners, but regular maintenance is one of the most effective tools in extending the life of the roof. Seemingly small problems can quickly escalate, often becoming expensive and eventually compromising a roofs integrity. A small roof leak could allow a large and growing patch of moisture in the insulation causing an energy loss of up to 70%, as well as damaging large portions of the interior.

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The Steps That Protect
What is Roof Maintenance

All commercial roofs require regular maintenance to meet industry standards and keep the building and people inside the structure safe. At RoofCare, our professional experts perform the following maintenance steps:

1. Inspect pipe boots for wear and tear. When a roof is subjected to wide temperature swings from hot to cold and vice versa, the material of the pipe boots can contract and expand, which ultimately causes cracks and tears in the synthetic rubber around a plumbing vent. This is a focus for our team because it is a common area for water to enter into a building.

2. Remove debris from gutters and drains to ensure flow is unrestricted and disposing on-site. If the debris is not removed, extraneous material can create a makeshift dam which will in turn restrict the flow of the drainage system and cause water to back up into places that moisture should not be.

3. Inspect for animal damage and droppings. Animal waste can accumulate, which can expose the interior of the facility to unhealthy contaminants and damage the roofing material. Flat roofs in particular are prone to damage from animals. The flat, open space makes it an excellent living area for critters to take refuge in and leave behind potentially harmful excrement.

4. Examine caulking and flashings. Caulking is used to make nail heads on roofs watertight. Roof flashing is a material used to redirect water away from certain areas.

Extend Lifetime of Your Roof
Why Roof Maintenance is Important

To prevent premature re-roofs, we provide a program called smartCARE that allows our clients to avoid the stress of reactive roof management. Being reactive can cost building owners a great deal of money, time, and inconvenience. Proactive regular roof maintenance allows building owners to plan ahead and pay a smaller, more affordable sum and enjoy peace of mind that their roofs are well-maintained.

Avoid expensive damages that can be addressed while a small issue

Circumvent interior building damage such as wet spots on ceilings, electrical problems, and mold growth

Realize energy savings by ensuring the roof is equipped to keep temperatures warm in the cooler months and cool in the warmer months