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Other Repair and Renovation Services

Watertight Roofs, Walls, & Pavement

Utilizing the best products in the industry, the experts at RoofCARE work with you to identify the best solution for your roof, parapet walls, and pavement. Keeping your property watertight helps prevent leaks, mold, rot, and internal damage.


At RoofCARE our team of experts leverages the latest leak detection technologies including Infrared Thermography, Tramex moisture scanners, and more.


You might not need a replacement service. At RoofCARE we will work with you to repair and extended the life of your property, saving you thousands in the long run.


We offer innovative roofing solutions for every budget. SMART CARE was designed to proactively manage the life of your assets.

Skylight Renovations

Although skylights act as windows allowing natural light to flow through your building, they are in fact a part of your roof. If your skylight is damaged leaks will develop affecting your interior, surrounding walls, and cause other damage.

Wall Renovation
Wall Repairs & Renovations

Just like a roof, the elements take their toll on walls, causing cracks and deterioration. Exterior damage allows water entry and causes damage to spread to the interior. This damage can be difficult to spot at times, such as when structural components and electrical systems are compromised. Of course, one of the most dangerous results of water infiltration is black mold. Mold spores can circulate throughout the interior of the building, which can lead to respiratory problems or worse.

Concrete and Pavement Renovations
Concrete & Pavement Renovations

Roofcare can transform your cracked, worn pavement into what appears and functions as new pavement, without having to go through expensive re-paving. The coatings we utilize protect asphalt and concrete from sun (UV) damage, water damage, chemical damage and aggregate loss. In addition to added performance, these products provide endless options for asthetic improvements, with the ability to imprint patterns and change colors. Take advantage of our pavement restoration today.

Waterproofing Below Grade
Waterproofing Below Grade

Below-Grade Waterproofing refers to waterproofing building components that are below ground level. The goal is to prevent water intrusion from ground water / moisture that could negetively affect the structural integrity of the component or cause seepage into sub-surface interior areas.

Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing

Did you know an annual roof cleaning can restore up to 90% of the initial reflectance? When a roof is at optimal reflectance it will contribute less heat load to the interior of a building, making buildings less expensive to cool!

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