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Annual Event to Donate Roof Repairs to Non-Profit in Need


Giving Back
To Our Communities

The Roof Angel Project is an annual event in which RoofCare donates roof repairs to a non-profit in need. We are honored to be able to give back to the communities we live and work in and raise awareness for the organizations in the process. We feel the best way we can give back is by doing what we do best, providing quality roofing. We started the event in 2012 and have selected a different non-profit each year since.

Roof Angel Projects
Across New Mexico

SRANM - Roof Angel Project

SRANM, 2022
Albuquerque, NM

The SARANM nonprofit was in need of a renovation on their roof. This roof consisted of two different roof systems that were showing signs of aging. The tar and gravel system was worn through and was renovated by the RoofCARE team with GE Enduris. The 3-tab shingle system had signs of wind damage and had lost granules. Owens Corning OakRidge Architectural shingles were installed to allow for a leak free solution.

Santa Fe Public Schools, 2018
Santa Fe, NM

In May 2018, RoofCare teamed up with Santa Fe Public Schools and Santa Fe Community College to bring roofing instruction to the students at Early College Opportunities High School. RoofCare donated the labor to provide an instructional installation of a TPO membrane roofing system on a 200sq/ft tiny home. Our crew demonstrated proper use of adhesives, heat welding and safety equipment for the students while completing the installation.

Hope Center Of Carlsbad, 2017
Carlsbad, NM

In 2017, we once again partnered with one of our material manufacturers, Apoc and selected the Hope Center of Carlsbad as the recipient. Apoc provided the materials and RoofCare carried out leak repairs and preventative maintenance on the main facility which the organization uses for a base of operations in its mission.

Esperanza Shelter, 2016
Santa Fe, NM

In 2016, we once again partnered with Apoc for the Roof Angel Project; providing badly needed repairs to the Esperanza Shelter for Battered Families in Santa Fe, N.M. With the generous material donation from Apoc, we were able to address several areas in serious need of repair and fix multiple leaks on the shelter residence facility where families in need are temporarily housed.

Las Cruces Gospel Rescue Mission, 2015
Las Cruces, NM

In 2015, we partnered with one of our material manufacturers, Apoc and selected the Las Cruces Gospel Rescue Mission (LCGRM) as the recipient. Apoc provided the materials and RoofCARE carried out leak repairs and preventative maintenance to two buildings used for housing full-time volunteers.

Albuquerque Rescue Mission, 2014
Albuquerque, NM

In 2014, we partnered with one of our material manufacturers, Tremco and selected the Albuquerque Rescue Mission (ARM) to receive the donated roofing work. Tremco provided the materials and RoofCare carried out leak repairs and preventative maintenance to the Rescue Mission’s newest building, which had over a dozen leaks.

Joy Junction, 2013
Albuquerque, NM

In 2013, we selected Joy Junction in Albuquerque, NM as the recipient. We performed corrective roof repairs and preventative maintenance to their Multi-Purpose Building, which had multiple roof leaks and had been a constant headache to Joy Junction Staff. Joy Junction is one of New Mexico’s most active non-profit organizations. Each year, they serve about 200,000 meals to those in need and also run New Mexico’s largest emergency homeless shelter.

Center Against Family Violence, 2012
El Paso, TX

We started the Roof Angel Project in 2012. We selected the Center Against Family Violence (CAFV) in El Paso, TX and made roof repairs to one of their housing units, which had multiple roof leaks. The CAFV was founded in 1977 and provides help and shelter to victims of sexual and family violence.

You’re One Click Away from
Giving Back

RoofCare Project Roof Angel started out helping those in need. For almost 7 years RoofCare has been giving a helping hand to those organizations who make a difference in our communities, those who’s good goes largely unnoticed. Project Roof Angel was created to recognize those who lift others up. We are always seeking new projects and we are always willing to help. To apply for the Roof Angel Project click the link below and fill out the application.