This 15-year-old metal roof on the DPS State Building was suffering from multiple leaks and was seeing interior leak damage as a result. Our RoofCARE technical advisors did a free roof assessment to identify the roofing solution. Learn how the use of HydroStop got this roof back in tip-top shape.

Job Details


  • Albuquerque, NM

Job Size

  • 31,600 Square Feet

Building Owner

  • State of New Mexico

Completion Date

  • September 2020

RoofCARE Location


Project Manager

  • Georgia Maese

Roof Challenge

The roof on the DPS State Building was experiencing multiple leaks that were causing visible staining to the interior of the building. After a free roof assessment RoofCARE technical advisors determined it was a perfect candidate for a commercial roof renovation.

During the roof assessment, RoofCARE found many areas of the roof that needed to be resealed. These areas consisted of gutters joints, seams, and penetrations such as the 50 windows located at the top of the roof. Many of the roof’s fasteners were found to have come loose, were missing, or in need of replacing.

Visible Roof Leak Staining

Visible staining to the interior of the building from roof leaks.

visible staining to the interior of the building from roof leaks

Visible staining from roof leaks.

Before Renovation Work

Before Renovation Work

Roofing Materials Used

  • Acrylex 400 primer
  • HydoStop foundation coat
  • Hydrocap fabric
  • Hydrostop premium white topcoat

Roofing Solution

A commercial roof renovation was determined to be the best solution for the DPS state building. The RoofCARE team began by setting up safety protocols and sealing all 50 windows with acrylic caulking to prevent any future roof leaks. They then tightening or replaced all fasteners depending on the condition of each fastener and followed by power washing the roof.

Once the roof was prepped an acrylex 400 primer was then applied to the entire roof at a rate of 1 gallon per 200 square feet.  Followed with 3 course pipe penetrations and all vertical and horizontal seams with HydoStop foundation coat and 6” polyester fabric. All screws were then resealed with HydroStop foundation coat and Hydrocap fabric. Transitions were resealed with foundation coat 12” polyester fabric.

To complete this roof renovation the entire roof was primed, resealed and sprayed with two coats of premium white topcoat at a rate of 1 gallon per 100 square feet. The roof was then cleaned of all roofing related debris resulting in a beautiful end product.

Metal Roof Fasteners

Roof Fasteners

Roof Safety Setup

Safety Setup

Sealed Penetrations

Spraying Primer

Sealed All Roof Seams

HydoStop Foundation Coat and Fabric Applied At The Seams

Sealed Penetrations

Sealed and Prepped Penetrations

Sealed Commercial Metal Roof Fasteners

Sealed and Prepped Fasteners

Key Commercial Roof Renovation Facts

  • RoofCARE saved this building 37% on cost by renovating the roof rather than replacing it.
  • The renovation allowed for less disruption to the tenants
  • 15-year warranty from GAF
  • 2-year RoofCARE workmanship warranty
  • To schedule your free roof assessment contact us at 505-246-6960 or