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Cracked Concrete is More Than Just an Aesthetic Problem

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Concrete/Pavement Require Regular Maintenance
Address Cracked Concrete/Pavement to Avoid Safety Issues

A commercial business needs to make a good impression before a client or customer enters the building, which is why concrete and pavement renovations should be considered part of regular property maintenance. Take action now and do not let worn or cracked exterior pathways and parking lots become an obstacle or safety issue for new or repeat business.

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Not All Cracks Have Same Root Causes
Contributing Factors to Worn Concrete & Pavement

Although often unsightly, worn and cracked concrete or pavement is a fairly common problem. Addressing any issues with the concrete or pavement creates a safer environment for the property, which is well worth the effort.

Concrete can become worn down from regular foot or vehicle traffic as well as regular production operations. Any type of friction or rubbing can cause it to wear and open the door to gradual degradation that could negatively impact the material’s strength.

Pavement cracks may look similar but can have very different root causes. Some of the most common reasons for these imperfections are generally:

  • Drying Shrinkage. Concrete requires moisture for installation, but after this stage is complete the water content typically evaporates as the concrete dries. This may result in a full-length crack caused by drying shrinkage. Most designers know how to compensate for drying shrinkage, but those who do not will likely experience a cracked final product.
  • Flexural Issues. These types of cracks can happen in reinforced concrete elements following the hardening phase. Unfortunately, a flexural crack is usually due in large part to an issue with the design.
  • Thermal Issues. After concrete is laid and is hardening, it may be possible for a thermal crack to develop due to changes in temperature and moisture.

Natural disasters can also contribute to damaged concrete or pavement. While flooding seldom impacts the material itself, it may greatly expand the ground underneath the concrete, causing it to move and flex from its original position and eventually crack. Intense fires that generate extreme heat may cause the material to become weak and more susceptible to damage as well.

Prevent Further Damage & Expense
Cracked Concrete is More Than Just an Aesthetic Problem

Commercial building owners may decide to do concrete or pavement renovations once the damage becomes unsightly, but cracked concrete is more than just an aesthetic problem. This type of situation can also lead to significant safety issues.

Particularly deep or elongated cracks can cause the ground to become uneven. This can be a serious safety risk for people that are walking on the property resulting in accident liability issues for the building owner. Addressing these issues in a timely manner provides a safer environment.

If left unaddressed, a crack can continue to cause damage. It will generally grow in length and sometimes depth. It then becomes an even bigger accident liability and can be far more expensive to repair.

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cracked concrete

Renovation & Resurfacing Options
Cracked Concrete or Pavement May Not Require Replacement

The materials that make up concrete are basic, making it generally quite affordable. However, to have concrete replaced can be quite expensive. For concrete to be replaced, the existing material must be demolished and removed for the groundwork to be laid for a new application.

However, there are other options including concrete renovations or resurfacing. This allows concrete or pavement that is worn or cracked to be corrected with the application of special industry coatings. In addition to making the concrete look new again, renovations can give building owners the opportunity to change up the pattern or color scheme of the material to add visual interest.

When it comes to renovations versus replacement, the difference in cost is significant. Some businesses may choose to invest in renovations to preserve the material until replacement can be worked in the budget.

Renovations are a Great Solution
How to Protect Concrete & Pavement from Wear and Damage 

One of the best ways to both fix and protect worn concrete or pavement can be with renovations. Be sure to work with a company that has access to specialized industry coatings designed to better protect concrete and asphalt from common offenders such as:

      • Aggregate loss
      • Chemical damage
      • UV damage from the sun
      • Water damage

Choosing the Right Concrete/Pavement Renovation Provider

It can initially seem like a stretch with concrete and pavement located on the ground inside or just outside of a building and the roof located on the top, but many commercial roofing companies offer concrete or pavement renovations as well, with skilled teams that can provide ideal results.

In many ways this is a natural fit. Roofers frequently fix worn or cracked roofing systems to prevent further damage from developing, such as in the form of a leak that can let in moisture and yield serious mold growth. Depending on the severity of damage on the roof, sometimes a sealant or coating application may be a solution, just as it can be for some areas of concrete or pavement.

The advantage to choosing a professional roofing company who understands and excels at concrete or pavement renovations is that building owners will be partnering with experts that are able to help with a variety of services. For this reason, it is key to put some thought into choosing the right provider.

When choosing a roofing company, it is essential to choose one that addresses cracks in both roofs and concrete or pavement. In addition, it can be a good idea to choose a company that also provides related services such as skylight renovations, wall repairs and renovations, and waterproofing below grade.

Protect your first impression and the safety of those on your property by having concrete or pavement renovations done by professionals who know how to fix the problem and protect that investment for years to come.