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Waterproofing Below Grade

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One of the primary jobs of a business owner is to protect the company they have built. While this certainly can apply to daily operations and bottom lines, equally as important is the actual structure of a company’s physical building. Waterproofing below grade is a process that is designed to help protect parts of a building that are located below the grade level so the structure’s integrity is not compromised.

Waterproofing Below Grade

What Is Waterproofing Below Grade?

Waterproofing below grade is a method of protection many companies choose to implement to help protect low lying surfaces from water damage. This is typically done by applying a special substance or membrane to a surface that makes it more impervious to water and therefore preventing substantial damage.

Because the visible parts of a structure tend to get the most attention for obvious reasons, those parts that are not as visible can be unintentionally neglected. These areas are still an integral part of a structure’s support that could be worn down or damaged by environmental forces and often require waterproofing to be more structurally sound over time.

Do You Need Waterproofing Below Grade?

At first glance building owners might be tempted to think they don’t have a need for waterproofing below grade services, but that could be a costly mistake.

If your business has one or more of these frequently below grade areas, you may benefit from this service:


Maintenance storage

Parking lots or garages

Service rooms or tunnels


Utility rooms

Some of the signs of either no waterproofing below grade or a poor job of the application can include:

  • Appearance of rust
  • Cracks in the surface
  • Leaks
  • Mildew
  • Mold
  • Peeling paint
  • Standing water
  • Unpleasant odors
  • Wet patches
  • Wood rot
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What Can Happen Without Waterproofing Below Grade?

Because below grade areas aren’t often inspected, they can be an afterthought at times, which could be a regrettable mistake. Some of the negative impacts of foregoing waterproofing below grade can include:

  • A compromised building foundation which could cause cracks and water damage
  • A lackluster performance and shortened lifespan for below grade areas
  • Expensive repair work for leaks that could have been largely prevented

What to Look for in Quality Waterproofing

Improperly applied or incomplete waterproofing efforts can be disastrous for below grade services. The process requires great attention to detail when it comes to installation. When having this service performed, be sure to use a reputable company which will be mindful of the following:

Ensure that after the procedure is complete there are no visible gaps or cracks
Ensure proper preparation of substrate
Confirm that the materials they are using are compatible with those already in place
Consider the temperature limitations of materials being used as some are not appropriate for every climate
Explain how the expected improvements will fit with code requirements

It is worth noting that even the best products for waterproofing below grade areas are essentially ineffective if they are not applied carefully, thoroughly, and with great care and expertise.

Business owners should also be wary of accepting a lesser grade waterproofing material for a warranty deal. The bigger concern is that the best materials are applied the right way and with great precision because without that, the exorbitant expenses you could incur would likely go beyond what the warranty deal would cover.

Make Your Finances Work for You When It Comes to Waterproofing Below Grade

Waterproofing below grade areas is an investment, plain and simple. It is not any different than ensuring you have the right steel or lumber for a structure build in that it is an expense, but an advantageous one.

For business owners that simply put off or defer implementing waterproofing solutions because of the money they hope to save in the interim, the damage these areas can incur can be financially catastrophic for reasons like these:

1. Damage that affects the structure’s interior can be more expensive than waterproofing below grade would cost.

2. Many fixes for damaged surfaces can be time consuming, and if a space is not able to be used as it was intended, it may be costing you money just to have that space sit empty and out of commission.

Waterproofing below grade is important for the integrity of any structure. This is why it is imperative to work with a reputable company that understands the importance of this job and takes it seriously.