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Skylight Renovations

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Skylight renovations are an important part of roof care and maintenance. While skylights are primarily considered for their aesthetic value, these fixtures offer many benefits beyond their appearance and letting in natural light. Over time the material the skylight is made from, and the materials used for sealing them can become worn down by time and weather, including UV rays from the sun, harsh winds, or heavy rain. In these cases, the fixtures need to be repaired or renovated, and doing so can protect your roof and skylight, as well as those inside the building.

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The Top 3 Benefits of Incorporating Skylight Renovations into Your Building

Skylights are often considered aesthetic features for a building, but there are a number of practical benefits to them as well, including:

1. Less energy consumption

It is estimated that commercial and residential lighting is responsible for up to six percent of electricity consumption. With the natural light provided by a skylight, less artificial lighting is needed, which helps reduce utility bills.

2. Money savings

Not only can skylights help commercial building owners save money by reducing their energy consumption, they can also help save on the money and maintenance spent on additional light fixtures. Without the aid of a skylight, a room would need more artificial lighting to provide sufficient illumination for the people using the space. Light fixtures can be expensive to purchase and install and require energy to work, but a skylight becomes largely self-sufficient after installation and does not require an energy supply.

3. Improved well-being for inhabitants

Allowing natural light into a building or workplace can positively impact the inhabitants’ circadian rhythm by reinforcing alert daylight hours, which can in turn yield a more restful sleep pattern at night, improving a person’s well-being. In addition, employees of buildings with skylights often report enjoying a more peaceful atmosphere and an increase in creativity.

The Advantages of Having a Roofing Company Preform Skylight Renovations and Installations

Skylights are primarily made of glass, leading many building owners to think of calling a commercial glass company for a skylight renovation or installation. And while these companies may be qualified to do so, choosing a knowledgeable roofing company is the better option as skylights are incorporated into the roof structure.

Although a skylight is a fixture made up of different materials than its surroundings, the quality of the material that is used, the method for installation, and the impact on the area around it can impact the overall function and integrity of a roof.

During skylight renovations or installation, if part of the roof is discovered to have become compromised, a commercial roofing company is best suited to evaluate and rectify the situation expediently. By working with a roofing contractor, clients have a one stop shop for skylight renovations and roofing issues.

What Is Typically Included with Skylight Renovations?

If an existing skylight is in place and is either leaking or otherwise compromised, a thorough inspection will be performed to determine weak and failing spots and any cause-and-effect situations. The goal is to ensure that skylight seams and penetrations are properly encapsulated to eliminate easy entry points for water.

While every job and structure can be different, skylight renovations generally follow the below protocol:

Setting the safety guidelines for employees for the duration of the project

Removing hazardous or loose materials from prior repair attempts

Removing broken, ineffective, or compromised skylights

Installing (as needed) self-flashing skylights

Sealing new installations with high quality materials such as Acrylic Mastic and polyester fabric

Following recommended manufacturer’s instructions and details to comply with any warranty

Cleaning up loose and discarded materials and tools

Why Trust Your Skylight Renovations to RoofCARE?

Our team is comprised of licensed and experienced roofing professionals who specialize in skylight repair, installations, maintenance, and more. We understand that a quality roof and integrity of fixtures such as skylights are essential, so we work hard to offer innovative solutions for every budget. Our goal is to help you find and utilize the best roofing solutions to repair and extend the life of your roof to help you save more money in the long run.

With more than one hundred years of combined experience, our professionals understand how to execute roofing solutions to the highest degree and get the job done in a manner designed to best accommodate a client’s concerns.

If your commercial building requires skylight renovations or you would like more information about installing skylights, please reach out to RoofCARE today to see how we can help.

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