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Commercial Roof Leak Repairs in New Mexico

Identifying & Repairing Commercial Roof Leaks Is Our Specialty

Leak repairs are one of the most frequently requested commercial roofing services, and if a leaking roof is left unaddressed, leaks can cause extensive damage. Leaks are often unexpected and always inconvenient, but with a quality professional commercial roofing company, quick repairs can usually make short work of a bad situation. The key to finding fast and trusted roof leak repairs is to partner with an expert team like we have here at RoofCARE.

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Common Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks

Leaks in the roof can happen as the result of multiple scenarios, but the common causes are due to issues that developed over time, such as:

Damaged Membrane

The waterproof layer of a roof, also known as the membrane, can allow for leaks if damaged. This can occur from everything to general wear and tear to severe weather, both of which can lead to issues with moisture saturation in places it should not be.

Defective Drainage

Most people don’t think of commercial roofs as having drainage issues, but they will if the scuppers, downspouts, or drains are not clear. This allows water to pool and puts undue weight and pressure on the roofing system that could give way to leaks and result in water damage.

Damaged Flashings

In jointed areas where metal flashings exist such as skylights and roof edges, there can be effects from weather that cause the roof to expand. This in turn may create enough of an opening for a leak to occur.

Although not as common, severe weather occurrences such as monsoons or strong wind events can also cause roofing problems that requires a more immediate repair.

RoofCARE Promise for Leak Repairs

Our team of roofing experts is committed to doing roof leak repairs as quickly as possible to limit the amount of damage a commercial roof sustains. We are confident in our abilities and stand behind our roof leak repair work with a one-year Workmanship Guarantee.

We are also proud to have a Rapid Response Team to help with emergencies. This program is designed for our company to respond to a commercial building leak within twenty-four hours of when the call comes in. Each of our trucks are equipped with critical emergency repair gear and tools so there is no wait for our staff to gather materials.

It may be possible in some cases for contracted leak-critical facilities in the healthcare or food industries to have faster guaranteed response times.

Regardless of the type of facility experiencing roof leaks, according to the National Roofing Contractors Association’s repair guidelines, some repairs must be delayed until the weather has improved enough for it to be safe for our professionals to work on the roof.

The Relationship Between Roof Leak Repairs and Trapped Moisture

With nearly twenty years of experience amongst our professional team, we understand the importance of not only performing roof leak repairs, but measuring the extent of the presence of moisture, if any, in the roof.

Moisture that is trapped in the roof can be extremely harmful to the integrity of the roof as well as the building’s interior as it can breed harmful mold growth. At RoofCARE we use three primary methods of roof leak detection technology:

Core Samples

Core Samples

This method involves collecting small samples of the roof to be evaluated by an independent lab to check for moisture content, tensile strength, and physical properties.

Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography

This modern technology is used to clearly identify the presence of trapped moisture.

Tramex Moisture Scanners

Tramex Moisture Scanners

These scanners are instrumental in tracing the origin of a roof leak to find the source of unwanted moisture.

The presence of trapped moisture in the roof itself typically requires that negatively impacted areas be removed and repaired. This is essential for a commercial roof to be eligible for roof renovations. If the amount of trapped moisture in the roof is too extensive and therefore disqualifies a roof for renovation, it could necessitate a complete roof replacement.

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Advantages to Working with a Full-Service Roofing Company

Roof leaks needing repair can be associated with other components of roofing such as skylights or even roof ladder installations. For this reason, it is recommended to select a professional roofing contractor that has experts in related fields such as:

  • Roof access ladder installations. A roof ladder facilitates easy access for facility managers, HVAC technicians, and even roofing crews. These installations are also designed to increase safety in getting on and off a roof.
  • Skylight renovations. Part of our skylight services includes inspecting the structure and helping to keep it leak-free.

If you are in need of commercial roof leak repairs or are interested in setting up an inspection and maintenance plan to better avoid problematic and expensive leaks, please contact us today to find out how we can help.

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