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One of the most cost-effective, efficient, and long-term alternatives to fully replacing a roof comes in the form of roof renovations, installing a fluid-applied system, or reflective roofs over a qualified existing roof. The procedure is popular amongst building owners as it is considered to be a step below roof replacement in terms of cost, and a step above repair work in terms of longevity. Ultimately, roof renovations may provide the warranty and service options of a new roof but for roughly half the cost.

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In addition to keeping a roof in good working order and on budget, roof renovations can also be helpful in waterproofing the system to discourage moisture intake, which if present can cause a number of problems for both the exterior and interior of the building.

Renovations are deemed a specialty niche of the roofing industry and should be performed by professionals that have a thorough understanding of fluid-applied systems. When applied correctly, roof renovations can offer quality protection against heavy rains or monsoons, strong winds, and unrelenting UV rays.

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The 3 Phases of the Commercial Roof Renovation Process

While many structures are eligible for roof renovations, not all are. Those that have trapped moisture or moisture-related damage may require a full replacement instead. For this reason, our company uses the following three phase plan for commercial building roof renovations:

Inspection and Qualification

System Selection and Application


Inspection and Qualification for Roofing Renovations

Every commercial building’s roof is different, making one of the most important steps in any project an initial inspection. The inspection typically includes:

  • Having a professional inspect the roof to ensure it qualifies for a fluid-applied renovation
  • Utilizing modern moisture detection techniques such as core samples, infrared thermography, and Tramex scanners to help determine the material, make, strength, and condition of the existing roofing system
  • Examining the state of existing drainage systems

A thorough roof inspection should help experts identify what type of damage is present in the existing roof as well as to what degree it is damaged. From this point, the team will establish a plan and timeline for any necessary repairs required before a roof renovation can be performed.

One of the most common repairs needed and documented by a roof inspection deals with moisture retention. For example, if the roof has a leak that has allowed insulation to absorb moisture, it must be removed and replaced to prevent the growth of mold, only then can a roof renovation proceed.

However, if more than a quarter of the roofing system is saturated with moisture or if the materials have deteriorated beyond repair, it will most likely not be qualified for a renovation but will instead require a complete roof replacement.

System Selection and Application for Roof Renovations

Once a roof has been approved for renovation, the next step of system selection begins. Our experts have access to a variety of systems available from multiple manufacturers in an effort to best meet each client’s unique needs and budget.

Some of the primary considerations for deciding on what type of system may be best for a commercial building includes:



Potential for foot traffic



Manufacturer reputation

Roofs play a major role in protecting buildings and the people and things inside of them from sometimes harsh environmental elements, which is why we recommend clients go with systems that incorporate a full layer of reinforcing fabric that is FM 4460 certified, which is instrumental in protecting against heavy rain, strong winds, environmental stressors, and even human interference.

Although some other companies embrace cheap coatings and do-it-yourself applications to help save a few dollars, we strongly recommend against choosing this route. These materials are seldom a high-quality grade and may compound an existing problem, which could then potentially result in an expensive and inconvenient full roof replacement.

After a roof has been renovated with a fluid-applied system, regular maintenance is not only vital to ensuring the success of the system, but it is required by most manufacturers to keep a warranty valid.

Some examples of typical roof maintenance can include:

  • Addressing ponding water
  • Cleaning out scuppers and drains
  • Sealing up minor defects

The best approach to implementing a formal roof maintenance program is to have a qualified roofer come out once or twice a year to address minor issues before they become bigger and more expensive problems.

Pro Tip: Signing up for a roof maintenance program can take the worry out of the building owner’s hands and ensure their newly renovated roof lasts as long as possible.

Why Choose RoofCARE for Roof Renovations

By using modern diagnostic tools to identify trapped moisture or other roofing problems, repairing them, and establishing a maintenance plan, we enable clients take better care of their roofs and help them last longer.

Our professional roofing experts have performed more than eight hundred roof renovations in which we worked closely with manufacturers to offer clients the best value for their money. We use some of the best fluid-applied roof systems to provide commercial buildings with strong and seamless roofs.

Clients that work with RoofCARE have the added benefit of working with a professional roofing company that also offers other key services, which makes us a one stop shop for exterior building protection services such as:

Roof renovations are cost-effective and better for the environment. If your commercial roof is in need of maintenance and repairs, reach out today to see if a roof renovation is the right choice for your facility.

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