The 15 year old BUR roof at Los Alamos Schools Canyon Complex had multiple leaks caused by roof blisters and cracks. Due to the heavy snow at the schools, these leaks posed a serious priority. To prevent further roof damage, potential costly interior damage, and premature roof failure corrective repairs were needed immediately. Our experienced RoofCARE team jumped into action and with corrective repairs was successful in producing a maintainable leak free solution.

Job Details


  • Los Alamos, NM

Job Size

  • Repairs

Building Owner

  • Los Alamos Public Schools

Completion Date

  • January 2020

RoofCARE Location


Project Manager

  • Mark Skoog

Roof Challenge

During the inspection the following needed repairs.

  • 4 blisters in the roof system
  • A/C unit #4 had an existing leak
  • 5 drains needed to be rebuilt with new lead blankets and roof materials.
  • 6 skylights had cracks in the domes and needed to be replaced.
  • 6 blisters in the roof system

Roofing Materials Used

  • Reinforced polyester fabric and silicone sealed the flashings
  • Torch Grade white granular APP roof material at blister repairs
  • Sealed penetrations with plastic roof cement and fabric
  • Aluminum protective coating
  • Lead blankets at 5 drains and new torch grade roof system

Roofing Solution

  • 5 roof drains were repaired with a lead blanket and torch grade roof material.
  • 3 blisters were repaired as some of the blisters were beginning to separate from the roof membrane.
  • The flashings were sealed around this unit with silicone and reinforced polyester fabric. We also recommend that this roof should be under a maintenance program due to its age.

Key Commercial Roof Renovation Facts

  • If these repairs were not made soon there was a high probability that roof leaks would occur and cause costly interior damages and premature roof failure.
  • Warranty: 1-Year on repairs made by RoofCARE
  • To schedule your free roof assessment contact us at 505-246-6960 or