Los Ranchos homeowner expected to have to replace his built up gravel roof until he called RoofCARE’s Albuquerque Branch. After a free roof assessment RoofCARE technical advisors determined that the roof only needed corrective repairs.

Here you will learn about the challenges the roof faced, materials used, and the steps our RoofCARE techs took to implement a solution that ultimately saved Mr. Garcia $40K.

Job Details


  • Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM

Job Size

  • 3,500 Square Feet

Building Owner

  • Richard Garcia

Completion Date

  • September 11, 2019

RoofCARE Location



Project Manager

  • Jose A. Jordan

Roof Challenge

Mr. Garcia’s had a built up gravel roof in Los Ranchos, NM that he expected to be a candidate for replacement. A RoofCARE Technical Advisor found that most of the issues were actually around the perimeter, penetrations, and swamp cooler. The roof had not been maintained for many years resulting in wind scour (gravel had moved and left bald spots) and rotted deck that had been deteriorating around the swamp cooler.

Roofing Materials Used

  • Asphalt 3 course with plastic cement and reinforcement ribbon.
  • Finished with aluminum coating.

Roofing Solution

RoofCARE provided Mr. Garcia with corrective repairs at the Los Ranchos home that saved his roof from replacement. The team installed a new roof jack and new decking around his swamp cooler. A 5 year SmartCARE maintenance plan was activated to prevent future roof damage, leaks, and protect the roof from the large trees surrounding the home.

Key Commercial Roof Renovation Facts

  • RoofCARE technical advisors were able to save this Los Ranchos home $40K with corrective repairs.
  • The corrective repairs and yearly SmartCARE maintenance extended the life of this roof by 20% of the cost or a roof replacement.
  • The Los Ranchos home that was thought to need a roof replacement just needed a look from our RoofCARE technical advisors. After an assessment, the RoofCARE team found that 80% of the roof was still good and the other 20% just needed maintenance.
  • To schedule your free roof assessment contact us at 505-246-6960 or info@roofcare.us.
Los Ranchos roof wind scour (gravel had moved and left bald spots) - Before
Example of wind scour (gravel had moved and left bald spots) around skylights at the Los Ranchos roof. - Before
RoofCARE techs installing a new roof jack and new decking.
Garcia Los Ranchos Roof
Los Ranchos Roof