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City of Santa Fe Bicentennial Pool Roof Renovation

City of Santa Fe Bi Centennial Pool Roof Renovation Scope of Work

  • Inspected leaks using Infrared scan for entire roof system.
  • Removed all loose gravel, dirt and debris from roof.
  • Power washed roof.
  • Masked and taped roof equipment as needed.
  • Applied leveling coat (emulsion) at 5-7 gal per square.
  • Applied primer at approximately 2.5 squares per gal
  • Applied Grana-Flex Urethane base coat (yellow) at 2.5 gals per square = 24mil (field of roof)
  • Applied Grana-Flex Urethane base coat (yellow) at 3.0 gals per square = 48mil (transitions, penetrations, scuppers, ect.)
  • Applied Garna-White Plus Urethane topcoat (white) at 2.0 gals per square in one coat = 26 mils

    City of Santa Fe


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    RMI- Garna-Flex

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