Pojoaque Middle School Roof Replacement Scope of Work

  • Remove existing Roof and Replace with TPO Roofing system up to standards.
  • Sealed the ducts penetrating the side of the metal panels at the gym roof with the proper materials designed for metal repairs.
  • Installed a proper metal flashing at the water line that penetrates the roof and seal properly
  • Sealed the duct penetration where it connects to the A/C unit
  • Toped off the pitch pans where the material has shrunk to create a positive drainage slope (6 in the science wing roof)
  • Removed and replace the failing base flashing as shown in the photos (20 linear feet)
  • Coated all plastic cement repairs made with a protective aluminum roof coatings.
  • Cleaned all debris caused by roof repairs and disposed of legally.


Pojoaque Middle School


Roof Replacement




Santa Fe, NM


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