Project Overview

The ASRT roof was a Hypolon system that was experiencing membrane failure leaving the facility manager unconfident the building was safe from possible water damage. Our RoofCARE technical advisors did a free roof assessment to identify the best roofing solution. Learn how the Elastek system gave the ASRT peace of mind and confidence in their roof.


The ASRT Hypolon roof was experiencing a failing membrane resulting in multiple leaks. After a free roof assessment RoofCARE technical advisors found cracks and splitting developing in the membrane which needed to be repaired with a waterproof solution.


An Elastek fluid applied polyurethane roof renovation was determined to be the best solution for the ASRT building. This solution allowed for zero disturbance to the building occupants as the work would be done during regular business hours. The Elastek system also eliminated roof seams which resulted in less stress for the facility manager.

The team started by thoroughly cleaning the roof’s surface using a heated power washer. Elastek acrylic metal rust primer was applied over all areas with silicone coating repair at an application rate of .5 gallon per 100 sqft. The coating terminates 2” above the stucco stop on the parapet walls and under the metal rigolet on the parapet walls that are currently terminated this way. All penetrations were sealed, skylight curbs, roof drains and canales with crack and joint acrylic sealant and polyester fabric. After material has dried Elastek polyurethane #212 High Tech base coat was applied at an application rate of 1 gallon per 100 sq. ft. to the parapet walls and flat field area, and allowed to cure for 1-2 days. Once the material was cured a polyurethane finish coat 300 in the color WHITE was applied at an application rate of 1 gallon per 100 sqft for a finished product. Our team finished by cleaning and disposing of any waste caused by the work.


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