Why Regular Maintenance Is Vital for New Mexico Commercial Roofs

If you know anything about the weather in New Mexico, then you know why regular maintenance is vital for New Mexico roofs. In this southwestern state, the weather plays a big factor on commercial roofs. Temperatures can soar during the day and then sink by roughly thirty degrees or so at night. And when rain falls during monsoon season, the copious levels of precipitation and high winds here can also wreak havoc.

However, there is one proactive step that commercial building owners can take to help better safeguard their roofs against intense weather-related events, and that’s by scheduling regular maintenance with a reputable roofing company. While many may think regular maintenance is a ploy for more cash, the reality is that it could be the very thing that saves a structure from severe damage and keeps a roofing warranty valid.

New Mexico Weather Makes Commercial Roof Maintenance Vital

Any external force such as weather can be a formidable opponent for a commercial roof, but it is also why regular maintenance is vital for New Mexico roofs. The weather here can have a dramatic impact on a buildings commercial roofing system via:

  1. Monsoon Season
  2. Substantial temperature swings

In New Mexico, monsoon season can stretch from mid-June to the end of September. During this annual window of time, it is not uncommon for monsoons to blow through. This weather phenomenon is typically characterized by heavy rain, potentially dangerous flash-flooding, and a possibility for strong winds.

A 2006 summer monsoon season in Albuquerque brought almost nine and a half inches of rain. As welcome as rain can be in New Mexico, it can also present challenges. For example, roofing systems without proper and unobstructed drainage channels will allow rainwater to collect on the roof, which is not intended to support that type of extra weight. This may lead to moisture absorption into the roofing system and the formation of a leak that could negatively impact both the exterior and interior of the building.

Fortunately, by making sure the roof of a commercial building receives regular maintenance, it can ensure that the roofing system is clear of debris and has a correctly operating drainage system. These steps may help make all the difference during monsoon season, as well as the rest of the year.

Substantial temperature swings are another hurdle for New Mexico roofs. The temperatures in the state can reach up to a hundred degrees or more on the hottest days of summer, but they can also dip dramatically overnight. This stark difference in temperatures can be hard on some commercial roofing systems because the change in temperature can cause regular expansion and contraction.

While building owners may not be able to control the wild temperature changes from day to day, they are able to work with a professional New Mexico commercial roofing company to have a specific type of roofing system in place that best caters to that expansion and contraction.

The Ins and Outs of Commercial Roof Maintenance

Essentially, the reason regular maintenance is vital for New Mexico roofs is because it is a proactive step in protecting roofing systems. In general, the ability to be proactive when it comes to the roof of a commercial building could potentially save the owner up to thousands of dollars in expensive repairs that would have otherwise gone to unmitigated damage control.

The golden rule for finding trusted commercial roof maintenance is to choose a provider that is experienced, licensed, and exudes professionalism. It can be best to choose a company that has decades of combined experience who is local and understands the unique challenges that New Mexico roofing systems face each year.

A good roofing maintenance plan should include the following:

  • Debris removal. It is not uncommon for debris to collect on the roof and then thwart the flow of water through a roof’s gutters and drainage system. If enough debris collects it may not only slow the flow of water but stop it completely. Unfortunately, in this scenario, it could cause water to back up which can add extra weight to the roof, potentially causing weak spots and opportunities for moisture penetration. Fortunately, with regular debris removal, the odds of this type of damage can go down exponentially.
  • Pest inspection. Roofs can be places where some animals gather and live. The weight of the roof top pests can be a problem as well as the excrement they often leave behind. With a regular maintenance plan, experts should be able to identify if rooftop pests are a problem for a roofing system and then proceed accordingly.
  • Examination of pipe boots. The temperature swings of New Mexico weather can cause expansion and contraction in roofing system which may directly affect the pipe boots. Should tears or cracks appear in the synthetic rubber that surrounds a plumbing vent it may allow moisture to penetrate the system, which can open the door to significantly more problems that can be quite costly. When professionals are able to identify these areas via regular maintenance, they should be able to address the situation before it becomes an even bigger problem.
  • Assessment of flashings and caulking. The purpose of caulking can be to ensure that nail heads in roofing do not allow for moisture penetration. Flashing can be used to redirect water away from specific areas. With proper maintenance, professionals may be able to reapply caulking and reinforce flashing to ensure they are working properly.

Most reputable professional roofing companies offer a range of different maintenance plans so commercial building owners can find one that best meets their specific needs. Introductory plans typically cover the basics of roof maintenance, whereas advanced plans offer additional components of protection.

Commercial building owners should take note that having regular roof maintenance done can also help ensure that a roof warranty continues to be valid. For example, should a commercial building owner have a completely new roofing system put in but decline scheduling regular maintenance, not only will it likely shorten the life of a roof, but it may also invalidate the warranty.

Once you know why regular maintenance is vital for New Mexico roofs, you should also understand the advantages to being proactive. Do not let another day pass. Protect your roofing investment today by contacting a reputable and professional New Mexico commercial roofing company about regular maintenance.

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