Consider Waterproofing Below Grade Before Monsoon Season Hits

From the middle of June through much of September, the state of New Mexico enters their wettest season, which is why commercial building owners should consider waterproofing below grade before monsoon season hits. While these heavy rains can negatively impact a roof that is not clear of debris or has clogged drainage systems, they can also adversely impact lower lying surfaces around a commercial building. To keep a building looking and functioning its best from top to bottom, enlist the help of a professional roofing company that offers waterproofing below grade services.

How Waterproofing Below Grade Works for Commercial Buildings

Waterproofing below grade is a relatively easy way to help protect the low lying surfaces of and around your commercial building from water damage that monsoon rains can bring. The process itself should be performed by a professional company applying a specific membrane or substance to surfaces to make them more impervious to water and safeguard against related damage. The process helps maintain the aesthetics and safety of the building.

If your commercial building has any of the commonly below grade areas, waterproofing is something you should consider before monsoon season arrives:

  • Basement
  • Maintenance closet
  • Parking garage
  • Parking lot
  • Service room
  • Sidewalks
  • Storage room or closet
  • Tunnel
  • Utility room

Many commercial building owners do not realize the importance of waterproofing below grade until it is a problem. Low lying areas are often unintentionally neglected simply because they are not a focus for the building. However, the damage that a building can sustain without waterproofing below grade is quite noticeable and off putting.

In some cases, a lack of waterproofing of below grade areas may even play a role in wearing down a structure’s support over time. This may manifest itself in a compromised building foundation, a shortened lifespan of the surface, and even the potential for damaging leaks.

Why Consider Waterproofing Below Grade Before Monsoon Season Hits?

Some of the unpleasant side effects of either no waterproofing or improper waterproofing below grade during monsoon season include:

  • Cracks occurring on the surface
  • Development or expansion of rust
  • Development of leaks
  • Foul odors
  • Mildew growth
  • Peeling paint
  • Standing water and wet patches
  • Wood rot

The development or expansion of any one of these issues can impact the safety and aesthetics of a building for those who frequent it. If conditions like these are not addressed prior to the arrival of repeated heavy rains, the continuous moisture will likely cause additional problems.

However, with the right professionals on the job and accurate waterproofing below grade before monsoon season hits, many of these issues can be largely avoidable.

Why Investing in Waterproofing Below Grade Could Save You Money in the Long Run

To have waterproofing below grade done on low lying areas of a commercial building requires an investment, but it is one that could protect your building from thousands of dollars in damage and repairs. Comparatively, waterproofing may be the smarter financial and budget friendly decision.

For example, a building owner that puts off the process and then has the unfortunate experience of having the wettest monsoon season on record is opening themselves up to catastrophic circumstances such as:

  • Water damage to a structure’s interior that requires damage control and repair (this damage could also come from multiple locations rather than just one area)
  • Repairs interrupting the daily functioning of the building in question (in terms of noise and usability) which could end up costing a building owner more money if the space is unusable during that time

When putting the option of investing in waterproofing below grade against the potential and exorbitant costs of damages and repairs without it, it can be best to air on the side of caution and protect your building by investing in the protection before costly problems arise.

Finding a Reputable Provider for Waterproofing Below Grade

The first rule of thumb in finding the right provider should be to choose one who is local to the area and has an intimate understanding of the effects of the monsoon season on New Mexico buildings. These professionals are invaluable experts on how to best protect a structure from damaging rains.

A professional roofing company with waterproofing experience can be an excellent provider of choice. These teams are typically well trained and have the attention to detail required for a proper waterproofing installation. As an added benefit, a roofing company can also provide additional services such as the following to be a one stop shop for a building owner:

The key to success is finding a company that offers quality waterproofing below grade services because incorrect application may be just as damaging to the structure as not having the process done at all. A quality waterproofing provider will ensure the following:

  • Make certain that when the process is complete, there are no visible cracks or gaps
  • Ensure the proper preparation of substrate
  • Verify that any materials used for the job will be compatible with existing materials already in place
  • Be mindful of temperature limitations of materials used so that they are appropriate for the climate (this should come inherently with a local provider who lives in said climate year-round)
  • Explain to the client how waterproofing below grade improvements will fit with code requirements

It should be a red flag if the provider offers to perform the job with lower quality materials just so that they can include a warranty. This is ineffective because improper materials and applications will likely still sustain water damage on an ongoing basis, making the warranty hardly an advantage at all over time.

Consider waterproofing below grade before monsoon season hits for the wellbeing of your structure, its functionality, and your pocketbook. Investing in the safety of your building before the rain comes may help you rest a little easier when the rainy season begins.

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