How The Environment Impacts Roof Renovation

If your commercial building has not been recently inspected, or you suspect it is in strong need of roof maintenance, it is critical to understand how the environment impacts roof renovation. This includes the effects of the environment on a roofing system as well as how those same elements can impact the roof renovation itself. Knowledge of these aspects of roofing should encourage building owners to commit to a respectable maintenance plan and be strategic when they schedule renovations.

Environmental Impacts of Roof Renovation

As mentioned above, there are certain elements of the environment that impact both the functioning of an existing roof system as well as the renovation of one. In both of these cases, some of the common offenders can be:

  • Monsoon season – In New Mexico, monsoon season is generally each year from mid-June through the end of September. During this time, it can cause a dramatic change in moisture patterns that may also come with strong winds via more frequent thunderstorms, which can dump large amounts of rain in a relatively short time.
  • Severe weather – Outside of monsoon season, intense weather events do still happen from time to time. This can take the form of strong and damaging winds, heavy rainfall, snow and ice. Any of these elements can spell damage to some roofing systems, especially if there is foliage close by.
  • Intense sun and heat – When the rain is not beating down on the roof of a commercial building, the sun often is. Even the dry, warming rays of the sun can wear down roofing materials over time and require periodic repairs to keep a roof replacement at bay.

If you will plan to undergo a roof renovation, it is key to arrange the work for a time when weather should not be an issue. Should a repair or renovation be more urgent, the weather will have to be taken into consideration before work can officially begin.

Preventing Environmental Impacts from Leading to Early Roof Renovation

One of the best ways to prevent environmental impacts from leading to early roof renovation is to partner with a professional commercial roofing company to invest in a regular and customized maintenance plan. Many building owners don’t realize that in order for their warranty to be honored, they must provide documentation of regular maintenance.

However, in our company’s case, clients who have elected to use a SmartCARE maintenance program have found their participation to be both beneficial and money saving. On average, those who have invested in this type of maintenance plan have saved thousands of dollars on expensive roof repairs and their roofing systems have lasted up to three times as long as those who did not have a maintenance plan.

Proper Elements of a Solid Maintenance Plan to Protect Roofing Systems

A respectable roofing company will offer their commercial building clients various tiers of SmartCARE or similar maintenance plans. Each tier should consist of standard elements such as an inspection, report, roof clean up, and a management plan, but subsequent tiers typically feature additional services as well.

When selecting a maintenance plan for your building, it is essential to include at least the first four elements listed below, and it may be recommended to include the others to more effectively extend the life of the roof:

  • Standard inspection that includes a survey of the building’s current roofing status
  • Inspection report which details the findings of the inspection
  • General roof clean up to clear away debris
  • 5-year roof management plan for planning and budgeting purposes
  • Sealing deteriorating coping joints, flashing laps, seams, and corners to keep small problems from becoming much bigger ones that then require an expensive repair and possible renovation or replacement
  • Caulking of minor defects at canales, termination bars, and penetrations along the perimeter
  • Inspection and (if required) maintenance of exterior walls
  • Leak-free warranty for a guarantee of the roofer’s work for a set period, such as one to five years
  • Up to 5-year coverage

Additional services and add-ons that may also be beneficial for a commercial building, can include:

  • Cleaning the roof of pigeon droppings which are acidic enough to damage the roof, and nesting materials that can keep water from draining properly
  • Gutter inspection and clean out to facilitate better drainage
  • Moisture detection procedures to help identify trapped moisture in a roofing system before it becomes a larger problem
  • Pressure washing to add to the building’s aesthetic appeal, prevent infestations, and extend the life of a roof

Benefits of a Maintenance Plan for a Commercial Building

The biggest benefit of a maintenance plan for a commercial building owner can be the luxury of time. A regular maintenance plan can help find issues early on, such as trapped moisture in the roof or an open seam that could lead to an interior leak if left untreated. Catching these problems early gives the owner the ability to act quickly before the problem grows and allows them to extend the life of their current roofing system in doing so.

Another advantage of adopting a regular maintenance plan is that it gives a building owner choices. In the event of a leak where a repair is needed immediately, there is not much choice other than repairing it quickly and adequately. When there is a questionable area that is found in advance of a problem, there may be multiple options to choose from in repairing it.

Finally, a SmartCARE maintenance plan can assist with keeping environmental impacts of roof renovation under better control. While weather patterns cannot be manipulated, there are certain steps that can be taken to better protect a roofing system against them which can help extend the life of a roof by several years or more.

If you have questions about how the environment impacts roof renovation, do not waste precious time. Reach out today and take the initiative to be proactive with a maintenance plan that may just end up saving your roof, and your pocketbook.

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