What Types of Roofing Have the Fastest Turn Arounds

When a commercial building is in need of a roof in a hurry, it pays to know what types of roofing have the fastest turn arounds. By working with an experienced and reputable New Mexico roofing company, building owners can have more confidence in the functionality and life of roofing systems, even those with quick turn arounds.

The larger question then becomes which type of expedited roofing is the best for your building. The answer may vary depending on the type of structure in question, the current condition of its existing roof, and how supply, demand, and shortages could impact the materials needed for the job.

The best way to find the right type of roofing with the fastest turn around for your specific building is to work closely with a respected and experienced company.

Why It Matters What Types of Roofing Have the Fastest Turn Arounds

In a perfect world, building owners would have plenty of advance notice that their structure needs a repaired or new roof, but this isn’t typically the case. There are certain circumstances in which a building will require a roof on a much shorter timeline. For a building owner who needs roofing as soon as possible, knowing what types of roofing have the fastest turn around is helpful.

Some of the most common reasons for needing roofing that has a relatively short turn around include:

  1. Substantial damage. This usually comes in the form of damage from external factors such as the weather. If a building experiences multiple leaks or moisture issues due to rains from a monsoon or a large projectile that has penetrated and/or compromised the integrity of the roof due to heavy winds, it can require more immediate action to prevent further damage.
  2. Limited interruption to interior activities. Commercial buildings such as schools, hospitals, or government facilities do important work on a daily basis that impacts hundreds if not thousands of people. By choosing a quality roof with a short turn around, it can help organizations and entities such as these limit unnecessary interruption to critical activities taking place inside the building.
  3. Project deadlines. Regardless of why the roofing is needed, it is normal for commercial building owners to need it to be completed on time to allow them to meet key project deadlines. This could be a deadline for the grand opening of a new wing of a building or it could be needed on a school before students report back to class after a holiday. Some types of roofing do not lend themselves to a fast process and could end up causing a client to miss an imminent project deadline.
  4. Efficiency. Some building owners prefer to operate with a sense of urgency and efficiency when it comes to their structure, irrespective of external factors or deadlines. A type of roofing with a faster turnaround can be a good solution in situations like these because it can minimize interruptions and inconvenience.

Types of Roofing That Typically Have The Fastest Turn Arounds

Not all roofs are suited to meeting urgent deadlines. Some will take longer than others or simply longer than a commercial building owner has to get the job done. It is essential that a professional roofing company provide clients with information about the best roofing option for their specific timetable.

Two of the more popularly chosen types of roofing with the fastest turn arounds include:

  1. Fluid Applied Roofs
  2. Metal Roofs

There are a number of roofing systems such as Built Up Gravel, Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), and Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO), but fluid applied and metal roofs tend to be two systems that offer a faster installation.

Fluid Applied Roofs

Of the available types of roofing for commercial buildings, fluid applied roofs frequently have one of the fastest turn around times. Whether installing a fluid applied roof as a structure’s first roof or overlaying it on top of a built up roof for example, it is designed to move quickly when it comes to installation.

For a fluid applied roofing system, it is bonded usually to an existing roof and the fluid cures into a membrane that creates a seamless barrier against moisture. This system is so effective, it may be recommended by a professional company as a means of avoiding a total roof replacement.

Roof replacements can take weeks to months depending on the provider and the availability of supplies, but by choosing a fluid applied system, it can save time that would have been required otherwise to dispose of the waste from the prior system.

At a time when many industries are experiencing a shortage in supplies and materials, fluid applied systems have one of the smallest wait times. This may mean less time waiting on the right goods to come in, which in turn yields a faster application.

As an added bonus, reflective fluid applied roofs can provide significant energy savings over time as they are designed to reflect heat off the building which can keep temperatures inside lower and the air conditioning unit from having to work quite as hard.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofing may also provide a fast turn around thanks to an easy installation. It can also be an effective long term roofing solution if it is cared for properly. Metal roofs are available in a variety of different color selections, styles, and panels.

While metal roofing systems frequently offer a faster turn around than some other roofing systems, building owners should be sure to check with the roofing company about availability first. Supply shortages may mean that while some materials are available, they have a higher price point than normal due to supply and demand. Other materials such as paint resins that are used in metal panels may not be readily available due to shortages as well.

As supply and demand and shortages can ebb and flow, it is recommended to discuss if any of these elements would impact the installation of a metal roof.

Whether you are a building owner who is working against the clock or who likes to be efficient in managing the facility, knowing what types of roofing have the fastest turn arounds can be an excellent resource to help you achieve your goal and keep business running as usual.

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