Facilities Managers Need Quality Roofer on Speed Dial

As a facility manager, you likely know how important it is to have a quality roofer on speed dial. Being a facility manager requires an individual to wear dozens of different hats each day to ensure that the workplace is safe, functional, comfortable, and efficient for the operations and tasks at hand. Whether an unplanned repair for the roof is needed from a falling tree limb, or a planned renovation, a facility manager needs a roofing company they can trust to work quickly and efficiently to get operations back online again.

Unplanned Corrective Repairs for the Roof

A reputable roofing company on speed dial can be most useful in unplanned corrective repairs. These situations may include:

  • Leaks. This can range anywhere from a leak that shows up almost overnight to those caused by hazardous weather and falling objects.
  • Facility inspections. A routine facility inspection sometimes reveals roofing issues that need to be fixed in order to not compromise the integrity of the structure. This may include things like torn or missing shingles, or those that have been warped by heat and humidity that are on the verge of causing an issue.
  • Foreign objects lodged in the roof. Severe storms, tropical disturbances, and tornadoes can all register high wind gusts that are robust enough to pick up and carry debris, often causing damage to roofs.
  • Damage caused by severe weather. New Mexico residents generally experience severe spring weather which can include intense thunderstorms yielding high winds, heavy rain, and hail. Texans also experience wild thunderstorms in addition to tropical weather disturbances which typically occur between the months of June and November.

The thing about unplanned corrective repairs is that they are difficult to anticipate. This makes having an experienced and reliable roofer on speed dial a must for a facility manager. Particularly after large storms, the need for roofing repair may be an emergency. Working with a local provider who has knowledge and experience with your facility as well as a stellar rapid response time will be key in achieving timely and smooth repairs.

Planned Corrective Repairs for the Roof

Unplanned corrective repairs tend to be more of a reactive situation, but being proactive with planned repairs can minimize some of those issues.

  • Routine Maintenance. One of the best ways to preserve the life of a roof is to schedule routine inspections and maintenance. This allows facility managers to be on the proactive side of things as maintenance is one of the most effective tools in extending the life of a roof.
  • Roof Renovations. If a problem or damage is identified before it progresses too much, it may only require a roof renovation. This process provides a more cost-effective solution than having to enter into a premature roof replacement.
  • Roof Replacements. Sometimes a roof will have simply reached its limit, making it no longer fit to adequately protect a facility against the elements. This could require a full roof replacement. Be sure the roofing company you choose offers a substantial warranty on this work. Some manufacturer warranties last as long as thirty years.

While these types of maintenance and repairs may not take a facility manager by surprise, it is essential that they enlist the assistance of a reputable roofing company for a job well done.

Intelligent Roofing Solutions

A respectable roofing company should offer additional services or intelligent roofing solutions. These solutions are often needed by facility managers and being able to obtain them from the same roofing company is a welcome convenience. Some examples of these services include:

  • Caulking and Sealing Repairs. Caulking is used to repair minor roof leaks as well as seal roof joints and gaps. Sealing can help better protect a roof from the elements.
  • Gutter Repair. To keep the roof draining properly, it is important to have gutters drain well, and they must be largely free of debris for that to happen.
  • Infrared Thermography. This technology helps roofers find areas of trapped moisture in flat roofs.
  • Standard Roof Inspections. A roofer should be able to survey the roof for problem areas and present a report of areas that need addressing to the facility manager.
  • Pressure Washing. In addition to making a roof more aesthetically pleasing to visitors and passersby, it may also prevent infestations and help extend the life of the roof.
  • Roof Inspection Reports. These reports spell out specific problem areas and things to watch for.
  • Roof Clean Up. Some roofing problems can be tied to gutters, drainage joints, or water canals. A dependable and reputable company will address these problem areas.

Things for A Facility Manager to Look for in a Roofing Company

Finding a roofing company that provides all of the above can seem like a tall order, but a reputable company should be able to accommodate their clients with the above. Some important considerations for facility managers in selecting a roofing company should include:

  • Experience. Roofers that have spent years in the industry intimately understand the different types of roofing issues that can come up and know how to fix them. Consider choosing a company that has ten years or more of roofing experience.
  • Reputation. Research a roofing company to see what their clients and peers in the industry have to say about them. Also look for ways the company gives back to the community they serve.
  • Rapid Response Time. More often than not, a roofing company’s services are needed in a timely manner. Verify with the company how they handle rapid response time for emergency situations.
  • Scope of Services. Have the company communicate what types of services they provide as well as any warranties they may offer. It is critical to go with a roofing company that is essentially a one stop shop for everything you need so you do not have to bounce back and forth between different companies.

It is important to have a quality roofer on your speed dial if you are a facility manager. Don’t wait for a rainy day to establish a rapport with a reputable roofer.

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