Slate & Tile Roofing Profile
Slate & tile roof shingles intro

Slate roofing tile has been around for hundreds of years, it is generally known as one of the highest quality, longest lasting roofing materials on the market. In this RoofCARE roofing profile we will go over the pros, which include its appearance, longevity, fire-resistance, and its green footprint and its cons, which include its durability, weight, and poor installation. 

  • The natural beauty of slate & tile roof can be traced back to ancient times. With several colors  options and styles its no wonder why its a very attractive and aesthetic roofing type. 
Environmentally Sound
  • Roofing waste accounts for approximately 5% of the total weight that gets sent to the land fill very year. The majority of that waste can be attributed to the the short life span of asphalt shingles which need to be replaced every 20 to 30 years. Slate & tile roofs last much longer and are made from natural elements.
Fire Resistance 
  • Slate and tile roofing are two of the most fire resistant roofs that exist in the market today. Unlike other roofing materials slate & tile roofs are virtually fireproof, which is a great advantage when it comes to preventing air borne sparks from wild fires, fireworks, or from other adjacent homes.
The Bad
  • Aside from all the inherent benefits that come from installing slate & tile roofs there are also some drawbacks that include, durability, weight, and poor installation. 
  • The fragility of slate & tile roofing tile can be a big negative for homeowners. Unless you know what you’re doing its probably best that you don’t walk on them as they can shatter. Replacing the broken tile is also very challenging because its hard to find a perfect match.
  • The weight of slate roofing tile is anywhere in the ballpark of 800 and 1500 lbs per square (100 square feet). If you would like to install slate & tile roofs its important to get the residence evaluated for structural defects. At RoofCARE we specialize in inspecting roofs to see if they can bear slate & tile roofs. If your home cannot withstand the extra weight, its probably a good idea not to install this type of roofing.
Poor Installation
  • The majority of roofing contractors and general contractors know very little about slate & tile roofs. When hiring a contractor its important to know if they have experience working with slate tile. A poor installation can be more expensive and lead to more costly repairs in the long run, whereas a professional installation from our experts at RoofCARE can last up to a century. 
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